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Second year students of Advanced Diploma spice up the Caribbean night

The Seychelles Tourism Academy campus indulged its invitees on Friday 21st of September into a Caribbean night gateway.  With the backdrop of soothing music, guests of the evening elegantly made their entrance at the campus mall for a standing up cocktail proceeded by dinner hosted by second year students of advanced Diploma.

Served with coconut water; the freshness of the Caribbean accompanied with small bites of breadfruit and Cassava chips, the standing cocktail created the jovial mood leading the way to a refine gala dinner.

While the guests were driven away into the mood of the Caribbean, the atmosphere was tenser in the kitchen. The night was not an ordinary evening for the students but one where their culinary skills and the knowledge’s acquired in class were put to the test. 

At the dinner table, the Director of Shannon College of Hospitality Management, Mr. Phillip Smyth, flown in especially in Seychelles to quality assured the evening based on Shannon College requirements, scrutinised the student’s imitation of an actual operating restaurant. Cathrina Meriton in command of the Kitchen Brigade and her sous chef, Jourdan Camille second in command and the two chef de Partie, Judith Vital and Tasiana Rath  were being meticulous in their cooking so that the plates served by Ketina Esparon, Kethsine Lester, Beverly Laurence, Angella Barbe Medna Latulipe were refine, tasty  and presentable. In the restaurant, Marie- Bernadette Joubert the hotel Manager, shouldered by the Assistant Manager and Maitre d’hôtel, Rania Asba ensured that the clients were satisfied and that their first impression of the night is lasting.

On the other hand, Tara Moncherry, the sommelier guided the guests on the best wine proposed by the restaurant whilst the Bartender, Bianca Denousse partnered with Crystel Hoareau acting also as the cashier for the night, smoothly run the bar and managed the cash flow. The theme night: Caribbean was chosen by the second year students of Advanced Diploma as part of their Food and Beverages module 2. Students were given an initial sum of R600 to prepare this evening. A marketing team was also set up to seek sponsors for the evening.

There was also an entertainment team, a decor menu research and restaurant set up. Tickets for the night were sold at R500. Faithful partners of the Tourism Academy, Vijay Construction, JJ spirit Foundation, Barell Night Club, MAD Creations, Savy and Sons, Andrew Palmyre Designs, JTP Designs, Laser Pro, Switch, ISPC, Le Meridien Barbarons, Tooth Booth Uniform shop, Le Rendez vous, 7 degrees South, Sekar Shopping Centre, East Indies, Fregate Island Private, Banyan Tree Resort Seychelles, Constance Ephelia Resort, Takamaka Bay, Chandler’s Trading, Dynamics, Seychelles Breweries and Forestry generously chipped in for the evening. Minister Alain St. Ange, the chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Chairman of the Seychelles Tourism Academy Committee, Philippe Guitton were the guest of honour of the Caribbean night.


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