& Seychelles and Reunion tourism academies bring culinary treats to 2012 Creole Festival

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Seychelles and Reunion tourism academies bring culinary treats to 2012 Creole Festival

The Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) and three tourism academies from Reunion Island – Lycée Tourisme Evariste de Parny, Lycée Hotelier Renaissance and Centhor - teamed up for the 27th edition of the Creole Festival to showcase and celebrate their islands’ culinary delights.

Held annually in the Seychelles islands, this year’s Creole Festival was celebrated between 26 and 31 October.

Students of the four tourism academies of both islands played part of the Seychelles Creole Festival for two whole days of the event, from 29 to 30 October, as part of a cultural exchange between the two countries.

As part of their participation, the Seychelles Tourism Academy, Lycée Renaissance and Centhor had set-up three food stations, while Lycée Tourisme Evariste de Parny had set up an information boot, where their students were sharing information on Reunion Island and its many wonders.

Attracting a large crowd of both visitors and locals alike to their food stations, the Seychelles and Reunion Island’s tourism academy had some of their islands’ famous dishes on show for the  public to savour the unique flavours of both Seychellois and Reunionese cooking.

The Seychelles Tourism Academy was proudly boasting the tasty Creole Octopus Curry of the Seychelles Islands at its food station, while, Lycée Hotelier Renaissance and Centhor were serving Reunion’s sumptuous dishes cooked with jackfruit and salted sausages.  Also available for the public to taste was the celebrated rum of Reunion Islands – the ‘Rhum Charette’, which had been concocted into a delicious cocktail.

The students of the three Reunion tourism academies, who were 12 in total, had travelled to Seychelles specially to be part of the Creole Festival of the Seychellois people. Led by the Vice President Conseil Regional, Huguette Vidot, who was accompanied by the head of Lycée Tourisme Evariste de Parny, Dominique Remy, Monique Rouanet Mehouas and Phillip Mehouas of Lycée Hotelier Renaissance and the head of Centhor institute, Raziah Locate, the students arrived in Seychelles on 27 October and left on 2 November.

Talking about the Reunion’s delegation participation in this year’s Creole Festival, Philip Monthy of the Seychelles Tourism Academy said that the cultural exchange comes as a result of the good relation that exists between the tourism academies.

“The tourism academy of Seychelles and that of Reunion have been working on various exchange programmes for some time now. We are pleased that the partnership between our tourism academy and that of Reunion has made it possible for this group of Reunionese students to play part in our Creole Festival alongside our students and to share with us their culture,” said Mr Monthy.

Talking about their experience in Seychelles, the lecturer of Lycée Tourisme Evariste de Parny, Martine Temple said that the exchange has been a great experience for the students, providing them with the opportunity of getting to know Seychelles better.

“The partnership between the Seychelles Tourism Academy and our tourism institution provides the wonderful opportunity for students of both islands to learn from each other and exchange ideas,” said Ms Temple, adding that the warm welcome and well organised trip made the experience even more pleasing and enjoyable.


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