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STA welcomes its 7th ADHM cohort

On Thursday 3rd September 2015, the Seychelles Tourism Academy opened its doors to welcome the 7th cohort of students on the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADHM) programme. The students, accompanied by their parents and guardians, attended an assembly which was attended by Mr. John Stravens, the newly appointed Chairperson of the STA’s Board of Governance; Ms. Bernice Elizabeth and Mr. Adrian Pillay from the Tourism Department, Ms. Marie-Ange Jacques – STA’s Senior Counsellor and Mrs. Murla Gabriel, the External Relations Coordinator at STA.

Ms. Diana Quatre, the newly appointed Manager of Studies for the ADHM welcomed all present and introduced the ADHM staff members. She expressed her content with the new cohort and explained how the whole ADHM department will do their best to mould this new cohort into the hotel managers of tomorrow. The Principal of STA, Mr. Flavien Joubert, gave a wonderful speech which traced his history of studies and employment and showcased all of the obstacles that he had to endure to become what he is today. Although his speech was filled with humour, he left the students with a very powerful message “Have no Fear”. This, he explained, will guarantee that the students make the most out of their situations and to go beyond any limits which they have set for themselves.

Ms. Sarah Geraghty, the Head of ADHM from Shannon College gave an overview of how Shannon College operates. She also explained how her presence here is to facilitate the ADHM programme and how her role is to ensure that everything runs at par with the academic norms of Shannon College.

The assembly ended with drinks and refreshments which was served by the ADHM year three students. We take this opportunity to wish the 7th ADHM cohort all the best in their studies at the Seychelles Tourism Academy.


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