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Certificate in Food Production and Culinary Art

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This apprenticeship mode certificate course in Food Production and culinary arts  provides students with a basic introductory insight into the operational and skilled areas of Kitchen and pastry department of hospitality and catering industry. It allows students to develop basic skills, technical knowledge and provide learning experiences that are necessary for employment primarily in the hospitality industry and other related sectors.

Entry level requirement
S4, S5 and S6 students with keen interest in developing a career in front of the house services.
All Apprenticeship Certificate level course candidates are enrolled through the Ministry of Education national apprenticeship selection process similar to the advanced certificate full time courses.

Course Details
Department responsible: Apprenticeship
Campus: Seychelles Tourism Academy La Misere and Praslin
Course Duration: 2 years part time
Intake: 30 on Mahe and 15 on Praslin


Core Units Hospitality Functional Units
English oral and written Occupation of a cook
 ICT Hotel and kitchen organisation
French oral and written Health
Customer care in the context of a cook Safety and security
  Basic Mise-en-place &Breakfast
  Cooking methods
  Eggs preparation and Dairy Products
  Preparation of sauces
  Stocks and soups
  Pastry and baking techniques
  Cold food preparation
  Basic Food Knowledge

Experiential Training
Five days a week on experiential training, one-day class at the Academy and one day off for 1st year and 2 days class in the 2nd and 3rd academic year.

STA Certificate in Apprenticeship Mode
City & Guilds Exam (optional 2nd year)

Vocational Outcomes

  • Trainee Pastry cook
  • Trainee Ladder cook
  • Trainee Saucier
  • Trainee Entremetier
  • Trainee Butcher

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