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Monday Mar 19th
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Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture thanks PSE teachers for taking time and efforts to guide students in prospective career in the tourism industry.

Twenty five PSE teachers from Secondary schools are now better updated on the different courses being offered by the Seychelles Tourism Academy, the institution’s code of conduct, examination criteria, work attachment in the tourism industry, (locally and abroad) and career opportunities upon graduation of students from the Academy.

  This follows a three day sensitization workshop conducted by the Seychelles Tourism Academy.  Upon completion of the workshop the twenty five teachers were presented with their certificates by the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange. Addressing the participants at the Seychelles Tourism Academy’s campus, Minister St. Ange reinforced the need of togetherness saying that it is important for the teachers to be well brief.

“I am happy that the Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy has been able to work with the Ministry of Education to put in place a structure to better brief students on careers in the tourism industry. It is important to say thank you because it took time and efforts to guide these prospective students to job opportunities in the tourism sector” said Minister St.Ange

The Minister also spoke about the government’s effort to invest massively in the tourism sector.

“It is unacceptable that we have a system where today we see more foreigners than Seychellois working in the tourism industry. It is important that Seychelles’ pool of trained overseas workers returned in the country and invest in the industry. The new academy of excellence being built will give training to locals for them to eventually take up higher position in hotel’s management team’’ said Minister St. Ange.

To conclude the Minister reiterated the call for everyone to appreciate and understand the tourism industry; the main pillar of Seychelles economy.

PSE teachers better educated about the STA

One of the workshop’s participant said the training session was an opportunity to cast away doubts on issues of prominence to them.

Ms Melissa Dick said that at the end of the three day workshop they are more equipped to pass on information to their students.

During the workshop’s closing ceremony, the Chief Executive of Seychelles Tourism Board, Elsia Grandcourt presented airlines tickets with 21 graduates of Seychelles Tourism Academy. The 21 students left Seychelles for Mauritius and Reunion on the 28th September for a two month training. 15 students are being trained at the Constance Academy in Mauritius and six in Lycee Renaissance and Lycee Centhor in Reunion. The training is part of the current Memorandum of Understanding between Seychelles Tourism Academy and these institutions.

Ticket presentation to STA student going on attachment abroad


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