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Friday Jan 19th
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Shannon College in Ireland takes in more hospitality students from Seychelles

Shannon College, a recognised body of the National Institute of Ireland, continues to pledge its support for the intake of Seychellois students in Bachelors Business Degree in Hospitality Management and for the training of lecturers of the Seychelles Tourism Academy.

Shannon College, an annexe of the University of Seychelles, is offering placement for a second batch of fifteen students from the Seychelles Tourism Academy to pursue a two year Bachelor Degree.

Consequently, the college has accepted the intake of one of the academy’s staff, Stella Bergmann who is the coordinator of the Seychelles Tourism Academy for the Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.

Stella Bergmann will undertake a two weeks training at the Shannon College, a unique opportunity for her professional skills enhancement. 

The enhancement of professional skills among the pool of lecturers at the Seychelles Tourism Academy has been weighted high on the institution’s professional development agenda with the Shannon College bearing the full cost of the tutors training and accommodation.

In 2010-2011, Terrence Max, the manager of studies at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, was accepted at the Shannon College for a six month hands on training experience.

The long standing partnership between the Seychelles Tourism Academy and the Shannon College in Ireland has witnessed the graduation with flying colours of the first batch of Seychellois students enrolled in the Ireland institution.

“ It is a well known fact that Tourism and Hospitality industry are the largest foreign exchange earner for the Seychelles and as the industries which generate more employment opportunities, with Seychelles Tourism Board as our parent organisation, we have ventured into Hospitality and Tourism Management Training with the help of Shannon College of Hospitality Management a recognised college of the University of Ireland to provide well trained and professional managers for the Hotel and Tourism Industries of the Seychelles.  This second Cohort now going for their Bachelors Degree in Ireland and the Support of Shannon College to make available work attachment, internships for STA Lecturers are encouraging supports for STA” said the Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy Flavien Joubert.

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange said that the Seychelles Government believes in the concept of training for the future of our country. “Tourism, which is and will remain the pillar of our country’s economy will not be consolidated for the long term if we do not provide for the adequate training for the industry. Today we see more students heading for their further training and this is a show of our commitment for the tourism industry.  Today we are also seeing one of our very own lecturer being admitted for her own attachment period at Shannon College, this is ensuring that our students at the Seychelles Tourism Academy have capable lecturers and management to guide them in their studies. We remain convinced that we are now on the right path in getting the local colour to eventually fill in the void that that existed in the management of our hotels for so long” said Minister Alain St.Ange.    



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